History & Philosophy

When Norman & Company, Inc. was formed in 1984, the founders recognized the need for a strong customer service oriented organization that combined hard work and dedication for the benefit of stakeholders at all levels: consumers, dealerships, and independent agents throughout the U.S.

In 1991 Norman & Company began developing a full-range of products and set the stage for what it is today: an industry-leading third party administrator.

Throughout the years Norman & Company has created and maintained a world-class customer service team that exceeds expectations on each and every consumer, dealership, or agent interaction. Our staff is expertly trained to recognize opportunities to provide superior service and an exceptional experience to each and every stakeholder –– customer, dealership, and agent.

With a leadership team that boasts over 120 years combined experience in the automotive industry, and products that are pioneered and reinvented for the current trends in the automotive field, Norman & Company provides superior products that provide protection and real benefits for today’s consumer.

Our experience has enabled us to become and remain an industry leader thanks to our fast and efficient claims processing.

We continue to seek out relationships and partners that catapult us to the top of the list of service providers.